To Be Different You Must Do Different

I am literally writing this as I’m walking at 7 AM.  I usually sleep as late as I can, trying to gather all the zzzzzzs.  What made today different?  Why did I set my alarm to get up “early”?  I just went through another bout of mental downness.  It’s very apparent to me that if I want to FEEL different and BE different, I have to DO differently.

Early Morning Walk Photo Credit: Stephanie Cordova

I love early mornings because it signals to me a new day, a new opportunity, a new chance. Our chances are never over and sometimes when I’m feeling down I forget that.  Every day we wake up, every minute that we even contemplate change, that is an opportunity for that change.

While I walk, the word inactivity jumps into my head.  (I love this time to reflect and clear my thoughts, focus on my intentions for the day, and apparently, create blog material).

Inactivity is the seed of mental anguish. Inactivity is the seed of inadequacy and comparability. I know this firsthand.  When I am feeling down it’s usually because I’ve stopped actively pursuing my business, serving my audience, providing great value and content.  And that inactivity is an unsure, unsafe place to live.  It’s a vicious cycle that feeds into mental health.

Take a moment and imagine your greatest dreams, or even a step up from where you are.  Is your house organized?  Do you enjoy time with your children and family?  Are you creative with your hands?  Do you enjoy simple things in life without the stress?  Is your laundry all done on laundry day?

To live differently than you are now, to affect the change into your life that you want for yourself (that dream you just created), here are some steps to making some changes and taking ACTION towards that different life!

  1.  Decide!  Making the decision that being where you are now is not where you want to be.  That is the first step and that decision signals the brain for everything else to follow.
  2. Change something about your routine!  For me it was setting the alarm this morning and starting my day with a walk, then my coffee, then to write this blog.  I’m not surfing Facebook on my phone or scrolling through my emails.   I’m DOING something different in my routine.  I even went out a different door, partly to not wake my family, but mostly it was symbolic.  A different door, and a different routine.  I had to turn the key of the lock on my gate and that was even more symbolic.  Opening the door to new possibilities, saying YES to something different.
  3. Self-talk is everything!  Girl, I am talking to myself here, no pun intended.  We cannot say we don’t have time, or we are not capable.  Our self-talk becomes our reality!  What words can you discard from your vocabulary that are preventing the change you DESIRE!?
  4. Imperfect actions!  Any action is a great thing.  I heard a quote once, “Action creates clarity”.  So if you don’t know what you want or how to do it, just start by doing something, anything.  You’ll discover it is right on your path, or it’s time to tweak the direction by taking another, different action.
  5. Distraction is not moving the needle!  Surfing Facebook, binge watching TV, eating, anything you do that makes you say you don’t have time is not helping you.  Set time aside for those things, intentionally.  But don’t whisper you don’t have time, if you KNOW you have been wasting it on the things that don’t move the needle.  *raises her own hand
  6. Believe in YOU!  You can DO anything you want.   Do you want organization?  Do you want to build your own spice rack?  Just because you haven’t done it before doesn’t mean you cannot start.  Rid yourself of those beliefs that hold you back and TRY!  If you don’t get it, try again!
  7. Don’t make excuses for yourself!  Would you allow others to give you excuses when you ask them to do something?  Probably not, or you would roll your eyes at them.  So, same for yourself, hold yourself to a higher standard today, than you did yesterday.  Even if it’s just a little bit.

Be a little better today than you were YESTERDAY!

And tomorrow, do a little better than today!

Have you felt the desire for change?  What are you going to do today that is different than yesterday?