Staying Organized During a Move

My family is moving in January 2017.

Man, as organized as I am, there is still so much work when trying to sell a house and buy another and prepare for a move.

Here is one thing I’m learning…you have to keep at it with the end goal in mind.  Too many days off will leave you with a frantic demeanour the closer you get to “key-day”.

The trick is to start early, like really early…like you are going to look at houses, or you have decided it’s time to sell your home.

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What I mean by this is, start purging right away.  The longer you live somewhere, the more stuff you accumulate…it’s like a universal law or something…we become magnetic “stuff” attractors.

Start with your closets, garage, dishes, pantry – everywhere.  Break it down by picking 1 spot per day.

So we are in the selling our home stage…we have purchased and there is a move date in the books. Because we are SOOOO excited for our new home, the motivation is ever-present – which is good because day in and day out of organizing, packing, purging, repeat, takes a lot of energy and you need that boost to keep you going.

I have gone through my kids books and clothes.  I’ve gone through my clothes and urged my husband to go through his (especially his LARGE pile of work clothes – by work, I mean around the house – who needs that many grubby clothes?).  Anyways, I digress.

I’ve gone through blankets, pillows, bathroom articles (we all accumulate hotel stuff, shampoos we don’t like, you know…all that stuff).

It all has to be MOVED so if you don’t USE it NOW, why waste time packing, moving and unpacking?!?  What makes you think you’ll use it later?  You are not changing, your patterns most likely will stay the same so be honest with yourself.

And start packing away your excess.  Because of staging and showing a house, I’ve packed away all decor, family pictures and they are in moving boxes, labelled, ready to go. (I can’t stress labelling – especially if you are getting an early start – all moving boxes look the same after a while).

Young couple unpacking in new home
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I’ve gone through my kids small toys and sorted them into plastic mini-totes
(shoebox type sizes).  It keeps them together (birds of a feather) and clean and EASY TO MOVE!  🙂  And it’s easier to dish out 1 bin of toys at time when you have a home showing coming up.

Here’s another idea why starting early is a good thing – if you have things you don’t use and you’ve finally gotten honest with yourself about the stuff you are needlessly holding onto, you have time to sell the valuable stuff and donate the other stuff.
Hint: maybe even having a garage sale – yes it takes time, but it also gives you some extra cash in your pocket while you offload stuff from your moving task.

It pays to get help at this point, if you cannot do it yourself.  Getting a Professional Organizer to help you purge is a very freeing experience.

I’ll be adding other posts, move tips, and organizing a new home…lots of ideas for my new home I can’t wait to share with you!

Please share your tips and ideas, how did you stay organized during your move?

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Don’t Miss Family Birthdays in 2017!

One of my personal resolutions is to get birthday, Christmas and occasion cards in the mail before the occasion, but better yet, with days to spare.

I’ve always made the excuse that having children is why I don’t get cards out, but let’s cut the crap!  Really, that is one area of my life that hasn’t been organized – I always remember too late.

I’m a technology calendar person – I use my everyday desktop computer (that I look at multiple times a day) to keep track of everything else, so why am I not using it to keep track of birthdays?

Right after I write this blog, I’m going to add my family birthdays into my calendar.  Being organized is about taking action.  I have the thought today, so I will act today.


11 Minutes elapsed

I just went into my iCal calendar and updated existing birthdays and added birthdays, 15-day timers on each of them (that’s plenty of time to buy a card and mail it), with each event recurring annually.  This includes Father and Mother’s Days, anniversaries and birthdays. (You can’t tell me you don’t have the time!)

The trick is not to CLOSE, DELETE or QUIET the timer until the action of getting the card out is complete!  Keep repeating or renewing the timer until you actually DO it!

What if you don’t use your technology timers?

You can do the same on a paper Day-Timer or Family Organizer (calendar style).  I challenge you to update your birthdays this week then comment when you have completed the task!

If you are more of a crafty person you can make your own sign similar to this one (below) or order from a local craft sale or entrepreneur in your area.


If all this STILL sounds like too much work, you can buy a Greeting Card Organizer Box
ahead which contains assorted cards PLUS the box.  Drawback – they are not very personal.

Everyone loves to receive personal mail and a bit of organization can help you reconnect like we did before Facebook and text messages.

So this post could help you get more organized, plus reconnect and possibly check a few resolutions off this year!

Life is too short not to connect in a heartwarming way!

Get organized so you have no excuses!


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Steve Harvey has amazing advice for you in this video!  Maybe you want to hear this, maybe you need to hear this!

So what does this video have to do with being organized and this BLOG?

Perhaps you have struggled with being disorganized all your life, or since a life event changed the way you live and you aren’t happy or satisfied with the outcome.

You know what you would like but you let yourself stay stuck because of inaction.  Take a leap of faith – whatever that may be for you.  Start by changing something, because we know expecting a different result of the same actions is the definition of insanity.  So if you want change in 2017, do something different.

Here are a few suggestions I can start you off with:

  • if you tend to hold onto everything, choose just one thing you DO NOT use to donate to someone who could use it and then realize how it feels that day, a week later and a month later (I promise, you will not miss it)
  • if you feel guilty parting with gifts you received but never used, liked or wanted, try to recall who gifted you those items and ask yourself, “Did I receive joy in receiving this gift?”.  If the answer is yes, then it has served it’s purpose and now someone else can love it and use it
  • take some action, any action (your choice).
  • ask for help from a professional (you’ll be happy you did, nobody ever regrets getting organized)
  • think positively – rather than repeating to yourself the things you don’t like about disorganized, repeat an affirmation that is more positive, uplifting and motivating.  And just because you didn’t start yesterday, last week or last year, doesn’t mean you can’t start today.  So give yourself a break and start NOW.

Here are some affirmations to read daily…until you start to take action.  Repeat them until they become your truth (fake it until you make it).

  1. I don’t have to do it all at once, just take one action at a time.*
  2. I can see how my interest in different hobbies and subjects caused me to find things to support my interest.*
  3. I’ve been living with this for a while, and there’s no urgency here.*
  4. In the same way I enjoyed finding these things, I will also enjoy organizing them.*
  5. My ability to organize improves my productivity.†
  6. I organize my life so that I can relax knowing everything is in order.†
  7. I enjoy the feeling of having a tidy house.†

So JUMP off the cliff of making excuses.

JUMP off the cliff of staying “safe” because you can’t soar if you don’t JUMP!

In 2017, what cliff do you want to jump off?  Share and motivate each other.

*Affirmations taken from a book “The Astonishing Power of Emotions” by Esther and Jerry Hicks
†Affirmations taken from

New Year, New Start, New Blog Platform

Happy New Year 2017!!!

2017 is the start of many firsts for me.

  1.  This post marks the first of many posts on my new blog, using the #WordPress platform.  If you have been following my blog at, then this new site is the place to be (please find the FOLLOW button on the right sidebar to stay tuned on new posts).
  2. I am launching an e-commerce store to supply really great quality organizing products to help people stay organized, because being organized has many benefits to your life (that’s another post for another time).
  3. I’m moving in just a few days.  Do you know what that means?  Lots of new things to blog about.  I cannot wait to organize my new home and share all my tips, ideas and creative juices with you.
  4. And with moving, comes new relationships, new routines, new new new!

I feel a renewed energy, because everyone knows I need more energy (sensing any sarcasm here?)

I’m excited to start a new blog (it’s like a continuation, but more new).  What can you expect to find this time around?

Organizing challenges!  I love those – easy to follow tips and tricks to do something everyday to get yourself a bit more organized.   Follow this blog so you can receive updates on when new blog posts are published.

Showcasing organizing products that you can use in practical, functional ways to get you the organized result you are looking for; where to buy them and ways to use them (and I may or may not get paid a commission on some of the products I refer you to – thought you should know that)!

Guest bloggers sharing their stories, tips, products and individual spin on how they do it differently.  If you talk to 50 Professional Organizers, you’ll get 50 different ways to organize the same space, so variety is GREAT!

Blogging step by step on how clients get their spaces organized by Yours Truly!  This will help the DIY’er in you to tackle your own space….and yes, you CAN do it!

If you are in Canada and you think a Professional Organizer can help you, search for them in your area at Professional Organizers of Canada.  And for the USA, search in your area at National Association of Professional Organizers® (NAPO®).

If your resolution or goal is to get organized, follow along and comment below on what kind of organizing posts you’d like to read!!