10 Things You Can Do to Get More Organized

If you’ve been doing all the things and still struggling to find yourself organized, here is a list of 10 things I’ve compiled to help you begin to get more organized this time around.

Decide there is no other option!  Decide that getting organized takes priority over mundane things like binge watching TV, sleeping too long and other distractions.  They are keeping you from your goals.  At the end of your day, which one decreases your stress?  Sure, binge watching numbs you but getting organized has lasting benefits that will help so you don’t need to distract from the day’s chaos.  Then you can just do it for fun once everything is organized!

Find everything a home!  Sorting, putting things that are alike together and finding a home for them, educating your family WHERE everything is, will help you find things and give everything a place to go.  Tidying up is easier this way.  It may require buying a hook here, a bin there or maybe even a cabinet, but it will help immensely.  Things that you use seasonally or for holidays can be stored out of sight in the garage, basement or storage room.

Photo Credit: Where It Belongs

Make lists!  Seeing a manageable list of things to do each day is very motivating.  THEN reward yourself with that glass of wine, call to a friend or family, or NETFLIX show!  But get your chore done first.  The same way you would teach your kids about responsibility before fun!

Schedule time in!  You’ve heard the saying, what gets scheduled gets done!  It’s true.  Commit a bit of time each day, or a larger chunk of time once a week to get some stuff done that will be good for your mental health.  You take time to go to massages and get your hair done.  This is no different.  It feels good when complete…and it’s good for self-care, with longer lasting effects than a massage!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Delegate!   If your children are old enough to fold their own pile of laundry, get them to do it, imperfect as it is, you are teaching them and delegating so you have less to do!  Maybe it’s that you hire someone to do some of the things that are your least favorite.  Asking a friend to help you while enjoying their company maybe how you can accomplish your goal.  Use the strengths and time of others. The investment in hiring someone to clean, organize or even do your laundry will benefit you in the time and peace categories of your life and are priceless.

Purchase less!  If stuff is your stressor, why add to it!?  We have quickly realized how little stuff we NEED, let me stress, NEED, during this pandemic.   So, buy the necessities, stay away from sale items of things you don’t NEED, and save yourself some money and some stress at the same time.  Less stuff = less tidying up = less stress!

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Establish habits that support you! When you take something out, put it back.  When you drop something, pick it up.  Getting into the discipline of doing small things constantly towards your goal, it will be easier.  Habits are formed by making choices repeatedly.  It’s amazing how a room just feels less cluttered having everything off the floor and things put in a place.

Declutter! Eliminate the unused things that are taking up physical and mental space .  It’s easier to stay organized if you only have things you need around your house.  If you pass over things often to get to your used items or favorite items, that is an indication to you that could part with some things.  If you don’t read the newspaper, ask that it isn’t delivered anymore.  If your email is overflowing and is just another to do list that stresses you out, unsubscribe from as many emails as possible. 

Use space efficiently. Look for spaces in your home that are void like using walls and ceiling spaces for the basement areas to store items.  Instead of using all the floor space in a storage room or bedroom for example, see how you can build up a system so you are using more vertical space for storage.  This will give a less cluttered look and make the space more functional. 

Prioritize!!  What is most important to you!?  Your mental health or all the stuff?!  Your peace and serenity or all the stuff?!  A place to relax or all the stuff?!   Sometimes you cannot have the best of both worlds.  Our homes should be the escape from the stress, not the cause of it!!

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