Week 1: Minimalist Game Challenge

We have now completed 8 days of the Minimalist Game Challenge and purged a minimum of 36 items.  I say minimum because on some of my days, I have a bag of things that I consider “1 item”, as do others in the challenge.

The lessons are already plentiful.  I realized after day 7, that if I am helping people purge with a challenge, I should probably watch “Minimalism”, the documentary on Netflix.

And I am glad I did because for a long time I have decided not to fall into the consumerism trap, not feel the need to fit in because of what I owned and purchased.  I don’t need the latest iPhone or perfume, brand name clothing appeal less to me than practical clothing, especially because they are all made in the same place.  I have been called cheap because I refuse to buy some things.  Perhaps I am, I would tell myself, and I would feel bad for that negative label.  But after watching Minimalism I accept myself and my beliefs – and to me, that is what matters.

Here is what I am learning so far by completing this challenge!

  1.  I love helping people!  When people comment about their items, or show appreciation for the challenge, I smile inside and out.  Helping people is my life’s purpose.
  2. Things are only things and I accumulate a lot.
  3. I would rather put the money from meaningless things toward my mortgage so when I’m older I have more freedom.  And I’d rather take my kids to the attractions and events in our city and surrounding areas than buying them more toys.  Life experience teaches them so much.  Yes, they need toys.  They need to learn to take care of their belongings, share with their siblings and friends, and use their toys in a number of ways that teach them about life.  But they also need the right number of toys – too much is not the right number.
  4. Be confident in my beliefs and when someone suggests I “need” something or wants to purchase something for our family, be bold enough to respectively decline such gestures.  I appreciate your kindness but I would prefer if you didn’t contribute to the stuff I am so diligently trying to minimize.  Please contribute to our life experience.
  5. Happiness comes by way of connection with people and experiences in the world.  I would rather snuggle a child and read them a book, than play with another plastic toy.  I would rather go to the science center or park than the toy store.
  6. Before purchasing even an organizing tool or bin, ask myself if it is the right product or can I be patience until I find the product that works best for what I need it to do.
  7. Buy the best quality I can afford.  Rather than buying the cheapest product that is going to perhaps fall apart before it’s useful life is over, buy the best quality with a great warranty (that is usually a good indicator of the confidence a company has with it’s products) and have it last for the next person who may use it second-hand when I am finished with it (clothes included).
  8. Cleaning and staying organized is easier with less and having less is freeing!


Are you bored? Don’t go shopping for THINGS and STUFF!

Call someone you love! Humans crave connection with humans – we require it to be happy and healthy.

Love people and use things, because the opposite never works!

Are you overwhelmed by stuff?  

Why not start something today you’ve wanted to do for a long time?

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