Benefits of Letting Go

As a Professional Organizer, the first step when I start working with a client, is to help them “purge” or let go of the things they no longer use, do not like, or clutter their life.  My philosophy is that there is no point in organizing items you do not need.

Many dig their heals in right away, but with a little coaxing, respecting their family values, their sentimental reasons for some things, they often feel better once things have left and while most think they’ll never heal from the losses of letting go of things, most people never remember what they let go of.

Things are so insignificant!  That line is so important I’m going to repeat it again!

Things are so insignificant!

Studies have shown that consuming more, and buying more shoes, clothes, toys for our children, do not make us/them happier.  Experiences do, however, especially when done with friends and family.

I personally, am in a shopping freeze (besides bills, groceries, fuel etc).  My kids ask me everyday to buy them things and I say no.  Not right now.  We’ve become so accustomed to consuming, having…and less time on enjoying and BEING!

Imagine the freeing feeling of going on vacation twice a year, or enjoying concerts, sports games, spending time with family and friends, regular massages, without the worry of not enough money because you’ve just bought more stuff.

What does this have to do with letting go?  Letting go doesn’t mean just parting with things you no longer need, but letting go of the idea that you need to consume, purchase and fill up the spaces you just freed up.

Do you ever find your material items take up mental space?  Everything we own requires a small bit of our attention and contributes to a stress in our lives when we cannot attend to it.  On a more extreme note, if you have a lot of clutter, you may often or always feel anxious, on edge or nervous.

I’m not asking you to get rid of those special items that link you to your favorite memories or people – because Gosh, that is what life is about…and that is my point.  If an event, a moment or a thing, creates memories and love and joy for you, that is what you cling to, but not mindless, needless things.

If you are keeping things that never see the light of day (like your least favorite sheets, while you rotate between your 2 favorite sets of sheets), ask yourself, “If I set this item free, what good could it do in the world”?

And once you let go, be picky!  Do you need that new bottle of shampoo when you have a half of bottle at home?  Do you need another jacket (in Canada, we have 23 seasons it feels like so you need a jacket for every one) or pair of shoes?  Be picky about what goes in your space, and just focus on BEING!


Let’s sum up a few benefits:

  1. Your goods can do good in the world when they are being used.
  2. Save money by being picky about what you allow back in once you let go and earn some money selling your unused items.
  3. Save space which means you have free space for all those things you love and use…no more searching for your everyday items.
  4. Save time on cleaning.  An organized, clutter free house is an easier house to clean.
  5. More energy for the good things in life when you rid yourself of energy suckers.
  6. More money to spend on yourself, with your family and friends.

Let’s go do this Minimalist Game Challenge!!

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