Don’t Miss Family Birthdays in 2017!

One of my personal resolutions is to get birthday, Christmas and occasion cards in the mail before the occasion, but better yet, with days to spare.

I’ve always made the excuse that having children is why I don’t get cards out, but let’s cut the crap!  Really, that is one area of my life that hasn’t been organized – I always remember too late.

I’m a technology calendar person – I use my everyday desktop computer (that I look at multiple times a day) to keep track of everything else, so why am I not using it to keep track of birthdays?

Right after I write this blog, I’m going to add my family birthdays into my calendar.  Being organized is about taking action.  I have the thought today, so I will act today.


11 Minutes elapsed

I just went into my iCal calendar and updated existing birthdays and added birthdays, 15-day timers on each of them (that’s plenty of time to buy a card and mail it), with each event recurring annually.  This includes Father and Mother’s Days, anniversaries and birthdays. (You can’t tell me you don’t have the time!)

The trick is not to CLOSE, DELETE or QUIET the timer until the action of getting the card out is complete!  Keep repeating or renewing the timer until you actually DO it!

What if you don’t use your technology timers?

You can do the same on a paper Day-Timer or Family Organizer (calendar style).  I challenge you to update your birthdays this week then comment when you have completed the task!

If you are more of a crafty person you can make your own sign similar to this one (below) or order from a local craft sale or entrepreneur in your area.


If all this STILL sounds like too much work, you can buy a Greeting Card Organizer Box
ahead which contains assorted cards PLUS the box.  Drawback – they are not very personal.

Everyone loves to receive personal mail and a bit of organization can help you reconnect like we did before Facebook and text messages.

So this post could help you get more organized, plus reconnect and possibly check a few resolutions off this year!

Life is too short not to connect in a heartwarming way!

Get organized so you have no excuses!


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