New Year, New Start, New Blog Platform

Happy New Year 2017!!!

2017 is the start of many firsts for me.

  1.  This post marks the first of many posts on my new blog, using the #WordPress platform.  If you have been following my blog at, then this new site is the place to be (please find the FOLLOW button on the right sidebar to stay tuned on new posts).
  2. I am launching an e-commerce store to supply really great quality organizing products to help people stay organized, because being organized has many benefits to your life (that’s another post for another time).
  3. I’m moving in just a few days.  Do you know what that means?  Lots of new things to blog about.  I cannot wait to organize my new home and share all my tips, ideas and creative juices with you.
  4. And with moving, comes new relationships, new routines, new new new!

I feel a renewed energy, because everyone knows I need more energy (sensing any sarcasm here?)

I’m excited to start a new blog (it’s like a continuation, but more new).  What can you expect to find this time around?

Organizing challenges!  I love those – easy to follow tips and tricks to do something everyday to get yourself a bit more organized.   Follow this blog so you can receive updates on when new blog posts are published.

Showcasing organizing products that you can use in practical, functional ways to get you the organized result you are looking for; where to buy them and ways to use them (and I may or may not get paid a commission on some of the products I refer you to – thought you should know that)!

Guest bloggers sharing their stories, tips, products and individual spin on how they do it differently.  If you talk to 50 Professional Organizers, you’ll get 50 different ways to organize the same space, so variety is GREAT!

Blogging step by step on how clients get their spaces organized by Yours Truly!  This will help the DIY’er in you to tackle your own space….and yes, you CAN do it!

If you are in Canada and you think a Professional Organizer can help you, search for them in your area at Professional Organizers of Canada.  And for the USA, search in your area at National Association of Professional Organizers® (NAPO®).

If your resolution or goal is to get organized, follow along and comment below on what kind of organizing posts you’d like to read!!


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